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Spring Brewfest 2015 FAQ


SPRING BREWFEST 2017 Prep Starts in January

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Hello Everyone,
This is going to try to clarify some of the questions we are getting often concerning Spring Brewfest 2017 and membership in the Nac Brew Club. Please read through this Q & A  we have put together to try to help.


Q: How do I get a ticket to Spring Brewfest?
A: There are NO TICKETS, we are only allowed to sell memberships to our private, non-profit home brewing club. Our members must be over the age of 21 to join. Our members are encouraged to attend all events, monthly meetings and field trips the club organizes during their membership. A full year membership is $25.


Q: Why has Nac Brew Club made this so complicated?
A: We have taken all the necessary steps to follow and comply with T.A.B.C laws. We do not and cannot sell alcohol. Our members must be 21 years of age. To hold ths tasting and/or home brew competition we have received T.A.B.C. consent for delivery for all the brewers to bring their donated beers. No memberships may be sold the day of the event.  This event is NOT open to the GENERAL PUBLIC. ONLY CURRENT MEMBERS MAY ATTEND. We are holding our event at a location that does not have a T.A.B.C. permit or alcohol sales license, this also is to comply with the T.A.B.C. laws that pertain to what we are doing at this event.

Q: Do I have to be registered through your website as a member to come to Spring Brewfest?
A: YES! If we do not have your membership information and dues paid then you are not on our club roster. If you are not on our club roster you may not attend or participate in ANY Nac Brew Club events.

Q: Can I show up on May 20, 2017 at the Expo Center with my dues money and membership information and expect to get in?
A: NO. Sorry but we hope to see you next year.

Q: How do I get a membership in the Nac Brew Club?
A: Please go to our website, , then select the “Membership” tab. A drop down menu will appear with the membership options, please select and read the options and choose the one that best suits you.

Q: When and where is Spring Brewfest this year?
A: Nac Brew Club’s Spring Brewfest will be on May 20, 2017  from 2 pm – 8 pm at the Nacogdoches County Exposition Center.

Q: What can I expect at Spring Brewfest?
A: Nac Brew Club will provide a tasting glass, food, Driving Jacks, music, security, and access to all the beers / ales / meads / wines donated to this competition from our participating home brewers.
There will be a few booths with the following:

  • Nac Brew Club will be selling t-shirts ($15 each) and commemorative pint glasses ($5 each.)
  • C & R Kutt Bottle will be selling creative glass recycling items, all proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity.
  • Local breweries will be offering swag and samples.

Q: I can’t find the question I had on this list?
A: Email your question to

Thank you for your interest and support, Cheers!
Nac Brew Club