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Spring Brewfest 2017 Entry Form


Entries must be 5 gallon keg or 48 twelve ounce bottles.

The Nac Brew Club will provide ice, tables, chairs, tasting glasses, and food.
You need to provide a system to dispense your brew, and tub or container to hold your keg or bottles. Please contact if there are any problems with your brew and it will not make it to the tasting/competition. Planning is following last years path as far as awards go. We expect to have 5 main award categories, last year we had the following:

  • Stouts & Porters
  • IPAs & APAs
  • Ambers & Brown Ales
  • Lagers & Light Ales
  • Fruit Ales/Lagers
  • Meads

These categories may be subject to some changes as we review all the entries submitted. Each category has two trophies awarded by popular vote; 1st place and Runner up.

All the brewers who submit their entries by the deadline of APRIL 23, 2017 by 9:00 am will vote on a Brewer’s Choice and Brewer’s Choice Runner Up.

Please complete all information to expedite the processing of your entry and assist in our program creation for the event.

For all brewers outside of Nacogdoches and Angelina Counties:

Any brewer who is traveling from out of town (not in Angelina or Nacogdoches county) contributing at least one entry is granted a complimentary annual membership to the Nac Brew Club. After you submit the details of your beer, you will be contacted by the Nac Brew Club with a coupon code good for 100% off your membership.  You may also use this coupon code for one other guest.

Please wait until you receive your code to sign up for a membership as refunds will not be given.

Thank You!


Please fill out all the required fields below then SUBMIT.