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How to use your Coupon Code

When you purchase a 1 year Membership in the Nac Brew Club you will receive a Coupon Code for an additional 1 year membership for a Spouse or Friend.
  • After checkout you will get a link to download a .pdf with your coupon code. Note: if you have any problems downloading your COUPON CODE click here and let the admin know. He will email you the code ASAP
  • Log Out of your account if your Spouse/Friend is going to use your computer to register.
  • Have your spouse or friend go to the site and choose the NBC Membership – Spouse/Friend option. Note: you must be LOGGED OUT of your account for the coupon to work. If your Spouse/Friend tries to register while YOU are logged in the site will think an already registered member is attempting to use the code and WILL NOT allow it.
  • Once your Spouse/Friend has completed registration for their complimentary membership they can go to checkout and use the COUPON CODE .
Now you and your Spouse/Friend will both have your own separate accounts to access the site, calendar and NBC Forums.

If you both use the same computer be sure you are logged in as yourself and not your spouse when posting in the forums. Most people have cookies activated in their browser and they will keep you logged in even after you close your browser.