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Brewfest 2016 Results

SPRING BREWFEST 2016 Results are In!

Place Style Name Brewer
Brewers’ Choice Amber/brown Pileated Barleywine Brent Burt
People’s Choice Amber/brown Brown Ale Tony DePaepe
Amber/brown American Amber Jason Pina
Amber/brown Nitro Irish Cafe Racer Jimmy Dachelet
Amber/brown Scottish Ale Nac Brew Club
Amber/brown Squirrel Head Nut Brown Ale Priscilla Coulter
Amber/brown Old Style Amber Ale Rick
Amber/brown Fly by Night IPA Tommy Balboa
Amber/brown The Ambassador James Ward
Amber/brown Blind Monk-ey ESB Victor Galan
Amber/brown Old Man Pumpkin Sibile Pardue
Amber/brown Red Brick Amber Brent Burt
People’s Choice Fruity/meads The Blushing Mad Hatter’s Mead Jeff Pieper
Brewers’ Choice
Grand Brewers’ Choice
Fruity/meads Harvest Apricot Mead Loni Pieper
Fruity/meads Mandarin Pale Ale Daniel Lawrence
Fruity/meads Strawberry Melomel Casey Cockrell
Fruity/meads Strawberry Lager Dan Saenz
Fruity/meads Brombeere Kölsch Priscilla Coulter
Fruity/meads Hooker Juice Ruth Paul
Fruity/meads Blueberry mead Tyler Fenstermaker
Fruity/meads Raspberry Beret Robert Frye
Brewes’ Choice
People’s Choice
Grand People’s Choice
IPA Earth Day IPA Hillary Woods
IPA Stone Fort Double IPA Brent Burt
IPA Pride of the Brewery “Pine Block” Casey Cockrell
IPA Kiwi Double IPA Dan Saenz
IPA Downy IPA Brent Burt
IPA IPA Le Blanc James Allen
IPA Angry Irishman Jimmy Dachelet
IPA Red IPA Robert Elley
IPA Grapefruit IPA Ron Byrd
IPA Plumbers Helper Victor Galan
People’s Choice
Brewers’ Choice
Light ale/lagers Ares Sullivan Bros
Light ale/lagers Onze Vaderen James Holt
Light ale/lagers Peche Bière Blanche James Holt
Light ale/lagers Mtn. Brew Jason Pina
Light ale/lagers Day Wrecker Jeffrey Judge
Light ale/lagers Lavender Skies Jeremy Saye
Light ale/lagers Gratzer Lee Nicholson
Light ale/lagers Pasty Face Sharon Allen
Light ale/lagers Coffee Ale Allen Minter
Light ale/lagers Nana nana beer beer Tyler Fenstermaker
People’s Choice
Brewers’ Choice
Stouts/Porters Vanilla Coffee Porter Gary Ford
Porters/Stouts Shallow Grave Robust Porter Marvin Crane
Porters/Stouts Blueberry Cream Porter Sullivan Bros
Stouts/Porters Vanilla Coffee Porter Gary Ford
Stouts/Porters Wake up Juice Nathan Slaughter
Stouts/Porters Root Beer Stout Robbin Griffith
Stouts/Porters Dry Irish Chocolate Stout Mary-Beth Harbuck