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    Meeting 16 Feb 6:00pm BBQ House
    Attendees: Victor (took min), Dan L., Dan S., Brent, Richard, Gary, Tred, Stephanie, Rick, Allen, Robin, Ron, Jay
    6:10 Victor opens the meeting by introducing his beer. Everyone else introduces their beer or themselves if they did not bring any.
    Victor suggested a trip to a brewery for the June or July meeting as meetings between now and May will be about Spring Brew Fest (SBF).
    Victor is also going to Austin Homebrew Store on 21 Feb. Anyone who needs ingredients can order ahead of time and he will pick them up.
    Victor suggests that anyone trying to get rid of equipment they don’t need can sell it at SBF at the Merch table.
    Dan L and Allen volunteered to create a poster of brewing processes (Extract, Mini-mash, All grain) for SBF. Brent offered to print it.
    Allen passed around pictures of the glass wear and t-shirt designs for SBF. All were well received.
    Victor suggested having 0.5 Liter Steins for 2nd place, 1.0 L Steins for 1st place, and a glass boot for Brewers Choice. Allen said we would have to order at least 12 of each stein which would mean we have awards for 2015 and 2016.
    Dan L gave a status update on the web page. There are some difficulties in getting information when one person signs up but pays for two people. We need to have a one person limit per login. Dan L also had sign up sheets for everyone to take a turn at a Membership drive at Liberty Bell and a sign up sheet for working the Merch Table, Front Door, and Food Service was passed around. Both will be on line as well for more people to sign up.
    7:00 Business meeting ended and sampling began in earnest until 7:50
    Sorry this does not have Jason’s usual flair. He will be back for the March meeting…

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