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    Hey all- Some of you know Scott from Tyer’s Brew Supply is looking to sell his business, but you didn’t know I’m thinking of buying and expanding it and moving it to Nac. I’m looking to some of you who are more business savvy and/or have been brewing in Nac for a while to see if you think something like this would work.
    Thanks for your honest ideas!




    I’ve never been in business for myself but I have certainly worked for a few. Without knowing your background, I share a few thoughts:

    1. How much time do you have to devote to servicing this business?

    2. How much are you willing to put into it to see it get up and running?

    3. Is it making money now? And what is your potential to make money with it in Nacogdoches?

    4. Do you have a spot to relocate all this to? Preferably a garage or some place that’s low rent/low overhead to get started with?

    5. Are you tech savvy enough to run an online store?

    6. Have you ever had to do the books for a business and do things like keep up with sales tax, inventory, etc?

    7. Do you have a written business plan put together that you can work from?

    8. Does your schedule allow you to be available at regular, convenient times to service customers?

    9. Do you have sufficient start up capital to operate this business until it becomes profitable?

    10. Is it even possible to buy product to sell at a price that’s low enough to allow you to put enough margin on it to sell it for a reasonable profit?

    I think you would business simply by being in town. There is no one else within a reasonable driving distance offering this type of product so everything so far is mail order. I believe you have the right attitude to deal with the public and provide good customer service. I think that so long as you can figure out all the ins-and-outs of this before you take the leap, that you can figure the rest of it out. Please do your due diligence before taking the leap though and really think this thing through. Starting up a business is a pretty serious commitment and it’ll only succeed if you’re in it 100%. Hopefully a few of our entrepreneurial members will also chime in. I’m real interested to see where this goes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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