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    I have one Pin Lock keg to sell. 15.00

    Two sets of Pin lock connections. Gas and liquid. (7.00 each new/28.00 total) asking 15.00 for both sets.

    I have three sets (Gas and liquid) of pin lock posts. These came off three other pin lock kegs which I upgraded to Ball lock. These posts go for 12.00 each so that is 72.00 worth new. I want 20.00 for all.

    I also have a Glass hydrometer test cylinder and hydrometer (standard scale) – together they are 30.00 new so I am asking 15.00 for the pair.

    I also have Keg tap handles (Icehouse – 5.00, Red Dog – 5.00, Coors light-5.00, Bud light-5.00, MGD- 10.00)

    I also have a bag of test tubes with stoppers (not sure how many but they are brand new ) maybe make good shots? I am ok with saying there are a dozen in there but maybe as many as two dozen. It is a gallon ziplock bag full. I also have two tiny flasks 100ml flasks, 5-6 different size beakers, plastic graduated cylinders etc.. This all came in a huge lot so shoot me an offer if you are interested. No 500ml or greater Erlenmeyer flasks in the lot.
    Johnson controller thoroughly abused. It does not have a plug. Free to a good home or I will chunk soon. Not sure how to wire it but it was hardwired into the old kegerator from La-hacenda.

    I am open to trades for false bottoms, or kettle screens, pumps, perlick faucets, or quick connect fittings. That is what I plan to buy with the sell of these items. If you need to charge it, we can work something out. I also like to give stuff away when I am drunk so that is an option too.
    Call me at 936-585-0163 and I can bring to a meeting. BamBam

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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