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I thougt we were discussing having 2016 BFest in April? Is the Expo Center unavailable those weekends? That race April 9th would be good to overlap with.
On the other hand, pushing the date into late May/June seems like it could work… As far as I can tell, we’d only be missing out on a few transient college kids leaving for the summer.
We should sell more memberships for sure! Especially if we’re holding onto the Expo Center. Some of the feedback that’s been passed on to me is the place was too big for what all we had in there.

It may be advantageous to raise the price after the first 400 or so sold. More of a late-bird penalty than a early-bird special.

I’d suggest swapping your online/paper membership #s. At some point it’ll become difficult to justify the existence of our website if less than half of our members are using it to sign up. I think the method of signing up needs to be revamped anyway. As it was, I had to backflip through hoops getting that mess of data aggregated off the website in a meaningful way.

The brewer info was definately screwy! I take some responsibility there- There were multiple versions of the brew’s info online, some being updated, some not. It wasn’t clear which one to use when the program was compiled. I’m still working on organizing all our files online, and it’d probably be beneficial to show all the officers how to access & edit them.