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I am of course with the Shreveport-Bossier MMMMM’s.

Please keep in mind, I love Nac Brew Fest! I will be back next year. Somtimes I sound pissy or snarky online, but its not intentional an I love your club and event.

It’s noted that we started packing up at 7:30. Half of our kegs had floated. We have found that the Nac crowd is pretty mellow, which we love and is a reason we enjoy coming. We are used to the Louisiana fests which have more voracious crowds and we will typically float all of our kegs in a shorter period of time. We also all had to get up early, load up and drive into town… plus we like to end with a sit down meal somewhere.

We are hoping our crowd is more like yours but we will see. This and the fact that I saw a lot of brewers showing signs of fatigue after about 6:30 makes me think a shorter time period is better. Shorter fest length encourages attendees t show up earlier.

At Shreveport Brew people line up at the gate over an hour before it begins… We expect ours will have the same early rush. Also, since the Shreveport River Revel (one of the South’s largest arts and music festivals) is beginning that weekend, we will have a built in after party. We are looking for more of a cocktail party feel, after lunch, before dinner. So we will probably have less big food items and more finger foods.

1) Putting a date on your glass/shirts makes them more unique, but it also makes them virtually worthless as soon as the event is over. We will have no dates on out items, if we clear them all out, then we can simply change the color or something next year. I would suggest y’all do the same. Its a lot easier to deal with overstock. For us, we are unsure how many brewers we will have. So the # of memberships we ultimately sell is still in the air. We have a cap due to event hall space, so we are only selling enough to cover all the costs with a healthy cash reserve. If we have space we will open up more. As to the procrastinators, don’t tell them how many are left! Simply stick with percentages, or vague “we are almost sold out” statements.

2) Music: We are looking for a good cover band, but it is about the beer. We are looking for a band who will let us interrupt a good deal and who won’t dominate or overpower the crowd. Not quite coffee shop, but not a rock concert either.

3) Booklet: There were quite a few typos, and my beer wasn’t even listed, but was instead old copy from last year. The booklet is important as it helps the crowd navigate the massive amounts of beer.

4) We don’t have a great website, so we are having to rely on paper memberships. Hopefully as we grow we can improve our website. However, manually entering the info really isn’t that bad. We are also fortunate that we have two tap rooms and a homebrew shop in town so we have “epicenters” of beer lovers to go and trawl for memberships.

5) We missed the pro brewers this year. I know its hard to get these guys to participate. We are avoiding it this year because we are worried that having commercial beer might be in conflict with local sampling rules that would come into play since they are licensed.

6) I missed the occasional events onstage.